A recent Pew Internet and American Life report shows nearly 75% of American’s are using using location services on phones. The year over year trend shows usage up from 55% to 74% – a 35% increase in use. The survey differentiated between those who used “location services” – getting directions vs. “geosocial services” – checking into FourSquare. A significant finding shows more use of location vs geosocial by a huge margin 74% vs 18%. This increase in location services use

Pew Internet & American Life Project released a new report Tuesday about the future of mobile payments, and the results look pretty exciting. Experts say that within the next eight years, mobile payments may beat out credit card, cash and check payments, becoming a primary way we transfer money. In the study, 65 percent of experts surveyed by Pew agreed that by 2020, “most people will have embraced and fully adopted the use of smart-device swiping for purchases they make, nearly

Nearly half of American adults now own smartphones (46%), while a steadily decreasing American population owns a feature phone (41%), according to a new report issued by the Pew Internet & American Life project. Pew is saying that this is the first time in history that smartphones have outnumbered feature phones.The study also shows that smartphone adoption is over 60 percent in some demographics, including college graduates, 18- to 35-year-olds, and those with an annual household income over $75,000. However, there has