Huffington Post just ran a blog on 8 Mobile Trends For Small Businesses, which we thought was pretty spot-on in terms of what’s next for mobile. Here’s our take on those eight items. Read on to learn how you can help your clients get on board with mobile — with the right tools, of course. 1. Tablets. HuffPost is predicting tablet ownership will double in 2012 (though since it has already doubled in one month, we’ll bank on a higher growth

  You know by now that mobile websites are very different from desktop websites. They have large buttons and text, less information than a desktop site, and they’re designed to get important information to a consumer — quickly. But why is that? We found some stats on how people search on mobile devices vs. desktop computers — and the differences are somewhat surprising. On a desktop website, it takes most visitors (70%) one week to act on a search —