Discovery is half the battle when it comes to promoting your clients. How can people interact with them if they can’t find them? You already know how important it is to market for Google searches (SEO is king, right?), but do you know how to market them for mobile Google searches? Currently, about 98 percent of mobile searches are done on Google. However, only 20 percent of websites are optimized for mobile. That means that nearly 80 percent of google results on a smartphone go to a

Huffington Post just ran a blog on 8 Mobile Trends For Small Businesses, which we thought was pretty spot-on in terms of what’s next for mobile. Here’s our take on those eight items. Read on to learn how you can help your clients get on board with mobile — with the right tools, of course. 1. Tablets. HuffPost is predicting tablet ownership will double in 2012 (though since it has already doubled in one month, we’ll bank on a higher growth

The Internet buzz yesterday was all about Evi — the new natural speech digital assistant about to give Siri a run for her money. We say “about” because Evi is currently broken. So many people downloaded the app (available for both iOS and Android), that the servers crashed on Day 1 — which was Monday. Since then, True Knowledge has had their dev team “on caffeine drips” and adding more servers to get Evi back online. (Incidentally, the PR on this

  You know by now that mobile websites are very different from desktop websites. They have large buttons and text, less information than a desktop site, and they’re designed to get important information to a consumer — quickly. But why is that? We found some stats on how people search on mobile devices vs. desktop computers — and the differences are somewhat surprising. On a desktop website, it takes most visitors (70%) one week to act on a search —