SMS sometimes get a bad rap. We’ve all seen those annoying “Text 1212121 TODAY to reveal the name of your true love!” And American Idol and other voting shows make use of SMS for viewers’ picks. These two prominent uses may have contributed to labeling SMS promotions as voter-based, trivial or old-fashioned. And with increasing smartphone penetration and the advent of QR codes into the public eye, SMS may seem even more outdated. Why text when you can scan, tweet,

Information from eMarketer December 2011 eMarketer is reporting that for the first time in history (well, at least since 2008), mobile use has passed print media use among adults. That’s a big deal, since it means it beats print and magazines combined. Where users spend 65 minutes a day on their mobile devices, they only spend about 44 minutes a day with paper goods. But perhaps the more interesting takeaway from this data is  the rate of change. Mobile use