Young Donors Prefer Nonprofit Mobile Web vs Native Apps

Reaching younger donors requires an effective mobile website experience according to a survey of 6,500 by two marketing firms, Achieve and Johnson, Grossnickle and Associates. An unsurprising 65% of those responding reported that they prefer to research a nonprofit via their website.

The survey highlighted that young people will act to learn about the nonprofit immediately upon learning about it and that means using their smartphone.

“The mobile device is becoming the entry point and the access point for people to find out about nonprofits.”
— Derrick Feldmann, chief executive of Achieve

Young donors value a mobile website that include only the most important information and presented convenience features such as click-to-email buttons or mapping functions. Survey respondents reported:

  • 90% use the About Us page as the primary place to get information about the nonprofit
  • 43% look for immediate proof donations will make a difference
  • 41% seek volunteer opportunities
  • 41% check for a calendar of events
  • 30% will view videos and photos

Participants said that while native apps (those downloadable to a smartphone via Apple’s iTunes or Google’s Play) are nice, they’re not really necessary for nonprofits due to the convenience of consuming information on the web.

For more details, see Forget Apps: Young Donors View Web Sites on Smartphones by Cody Switzer on The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

A special thanks to author Marc Pitman of The Fundraising Coach for bringing Switzer’s post to our attention.