Search Traffic by Operating System — And How to Have a Conversation with Your Clients About Going Mobile

iPhone users are leaders in search traffic, according to a new study from Chitika Insights. Normally, 36 percent of Internet traffic comes from search engines, but that number jumps to 54 percent on iOS devices. Apple users, in general, are bigger searchers than non-Apple users, with 48 percent of all Mac Internet traffic coming via search engines, as opposed to 32 percent of Windows Internet traffic, which makes Windows users the second least likely to use search engines, followed by Linux users.

But more interesting, perhaps, is the shift in numbers when searches are focused on local content (e.g. services or points of interest). Aside from Linux*, the two highest operating systems for local search are mobile — iOS and Android users are searching more for local content than users on any other operating system.

*Linux is often used by servers, which generate more traffic than a single user, so the local search percentage appears significantly higher in comparison with other OSs, while Linux in general has a relatively low rate of search engine traffic.

For Marketers:

If you have clients with local businesses, chances are good that residents and visitors are looking for them (or their services) on mobile. Show your client how many mobile users are using Internet searches to find content, and then ask them to search for themselves on a smartphone. Ask if they can easily navigate the site and find their own contact information in a f of minutes. Ask them to count how long it takes the site to load. And ask them to put themselves in the searchers’ position. Do they like what they see? Would they visit the business if they were an out-of-towner visiting for the weekend? Would they try to find a competitor instead?

Questions like these (paired with stats like the ones above) can help you start a conversation with your client about their mobile presence. If they don’t like what they see on their current mobile experience, you can show them what’s possible by mocking up an attractive and fast-loading mobile site. Then you’ll be a mobile hero — and win their business for future mobile projects.

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