Pew Study Shows Smartphones Surpass Feature Phones

Nearly half of American adults now own smartphones (46%), while a steadily decreasing American population owns a feature phone (41%), according to a new report issued by the Pew Internet & American Life project.

Pew is saying that this is the first time in history that smartphones have outnumbered feature phones.The study also shows that smartphone adoption is over 60 percent in some demographics, including college graduates, 18- to 35-year-olds, and those with an annual household income over $75,000. However, there has been little growth with the over-65 crowd, as only 13 percent are smartphone users.

Feature phone users dropped seven percentage points in the last year, while smartphone ownership leapt 11 percentage points. Even the number of people without a cell phone dropped five points last year. Only 12 percent of the U.S. population is without a mobile device, making it even more clear that mobile is quickly becoming an essential part of U.S. culture.

Interestingly, there’s still some confusion about what it really means to have a smartphone. Eight percent of mobile users don’t know whether their mobile device is a smartphone or not.

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