Creative QR Code Campaigns that Reward Users for Scanning

We learned a lot from this Mashable post,  “Five big mistakes to avoid on your QR coding.” But what we took away most came from the very last bullet point, which featured a list of ways you can produce a smashing QR code experience for your users. The author gave us a list of seven things that successful QR coding contains. Here are some (not all) of them. Be on the look out for more successful and creative QR code campaigns.

1. Exclusive rich media, videos and photos. Smash journals come with QR code right on their packaging. When a viewer scans the code on their new book, they see a video of some creative ways they can use it.


2. Exclusive or time-sensitive access. ThinkGeek ran a campaign giving away free shirts — with the QR code that tells you about the deal printed right on the shirt. Now the code gives you a message that begins, “This is not the free t-shirt you are looking for…”



3. “Instant Win” contests. Food Should Taste Good did a summer giveaway last year, where they included QR codes on their packaging. Users could scan the code, enter the 7-digit number and enter to win rad prizes (Weber Q grills and Flip Cameras? Yes please.) while they waited in line at the grocery store. Smart.


4. Special offers, coupons or gifts. In 2010, Clinique ran a magazine ad with a QR code that rewarded the user for scanning the QR code with a “special offer.” (Don’t try scanning this now though. It doesn’t work.)

Have you seen a good example of a QR code campaign lately? Let us know! Leave us a comment and we’ll get consider featuring it in a future blog post.