How “Discoverable” is Your Client’s Mobile Presence?

Stats from Google's GoMo intitiative.

Discovery is half the battle when it comes to promoting your clients. How can people interact with them if they can’t find them? You already know how important it is to market for Google searches (SEO is king, right?), but do you know how to market them for mobile Google searches?

Currently, about 98 percent of mobile searches are done on Google. However, only 20 percent of websites are optimized for mobile. That means that nearly 80 percent of google results on a smartphone go to a desktop site instead of a mobile-optimized site.

Likely, a consumer will turn to the Internet first to look for your client’s business — not an app store. And, unfortunately, the native app probably won’t show up in the top results of a search. So from a discoverability standpoint, you’ll want a mobile web presence in addition to (or in lieu of) a native app.

If you want people to discover your clients on Google, you’ll want to implement a mobile strategy — bring it to your clients’ attention that this is necessary to connect with their consumers. Explain to them that they should be easily discoverable on Google and provide an enjoyable mobile-optimized experience to keep users on their site. Explain to your clients that it’s in their best interest to provide a good mobile experience to consumers, because not only will they retain visitors for longer periods on mobile, but those visitors are likely to take action by connecting with or purchasing from your client.

Luckily, you can easily prepare your client’s mobile presence by building a site with Mojaba. Mojaba sites look and feel like apps, but they show up in Google searches — and they’ll keep users engaged with websites designed for their phones. Best of all, it’s a good price for you, and it works across all operating systems.

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[image via HowToGoMo]