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Though social media seems to reign supreme in marketing these days, consumers still seek most of their information from good ol’ fashioned Internet searches. According to Mashable, more than half of adults (51 percent) looking for information about local restaurants, bars and clubs use the Internet to do so. Only 3 percent turn to social media.

That means local consumers are coming to your website, not your Facebook or Twitter. Are your hours of operation, contact information and location easy to find on a smartphone?

This fall, Google reported that 40 percent of all mobile searches were local. Google has also reported that 95 percent of mobile users have used their device to look for local information, and, after a search, nine out of 10 smartphone users take action. Half of them end up making a purchase.

Here’s a good point from the folks at Econstultancy about using getting local consumers to take action on their mobile devices:

Mobile gives us a unique opportunity to be simultaneously online and out in the world. We use our devices to navigate throughout the physical world: Where’s the closest parking garage? What’s the best breakfast place around here? Where can I post this package for my nephew? If you’ve got local content or content that can be localized, optimize it for mobile. —Igor Faletsky

For agencies: Help local consumers find your clients on mobile

  • Make your clients relevant to local consumers by providing a strong web presence in addition to a social media presence.
  • Help consumers easily find your clients’ websites while they’re on the go using their smartphones — use keyword phrases that include the city or neighborhood and type of business, (ie: “Indian restaurants near downtown Des Moines”).
  • When they visit your site, give local consumers easy access to hours of operation, driving directions and phone numbers.
  • Encourage consumers to call or visit a business by providing a prominent call to action on the mobile site.
  • Update the mobile site often with special offers or promotions, and make sure all information is up-to-date.

Mojaba offers location services for mobile websites and provides easy-to-find contact information and driving directions for smartphone users. Keep us in mind when thinking about your clients’ mobile needs.

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