Lunch and Learn: Structured Usability Testing with Cade Cannon

Image from VatorNews

Cade Cannon, CTO at Torsion Mobile, is giving a talk on Jan. 25, 2012, at StartupCity Des Moines. He’ll talk about Structured Usability Testing (Or, Discover How Customers Actually Use Your Stuff).

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Designers and developers often have to make assumptions about how customers will use the software they produce. Endless arguments can ensue between team members about the “right” user interface and what the “user” will or will not do with it. Put an end to those arguments and get your team on the road to delighting the customer. Find out how Torsion Mobile conducts usability testing and discover how simple, inexpensive and truly insightful it can be.

Anyone who designs or develops software and websites will benefit from this talk. Project managers and startup leaders will takeaway some valuable insights, too.

Lunch is not provided at this free event, but feel free to bring a brown-bag lunch with you.

The event is sure to be very informative and comes just days before the launch of Mojaba. RSVP for your spot at